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Thanks to modern technology, you can go around the castle online and have a look at all the treasures the walls hide.

You just have to click on an image or HERE for watching further videos.

About us

‘The Mecca of every pleasure’- wrote CzóbelMinka, the poetess in the 19th century remembering her days spent in the Forgách Castle in Mándok. Mándok is located in the north-east of Hungary, at the edge of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, in the district of Kisvárda, near the Ukraine border. The Castle was built as the 15000-morgen Transdanubian manorial centre of the Forgách earls, one of Szabolcs country’s baronial residency, so its history goes back more than 250 years. The formidable-looking castle was constructed in late baroque style with sophisticated face-work following the fashionable trends of the era. Later it was reconstructed in eclectic style. It was the centre of the modern Forgách manor from the end of the 18th century to the middle of the 20th century. Earl Zsigmond Forgách had the castle constructed, and the 4-acre garden and its caring was the countess’ obsession. Due to her passion towards the garden, we can take delight in the two more than two- hundred-year old platans, the huge tulip tree and the romantic horse-chestnut alley and black spruces.


Our rooms



Válasszon csomagajánlataink közül!

Christmas in the Forgách Castle

54 Ft /fő/éj

Spend the Christmas holiday with your loved ones in intimate atmosphere!

accommodation for two in double superior rooms large a’la carte breakfast a four-course dinner in the assembly hall  On Christmas Eve festive Christmas dinner welcome drink at arrival Countess Elza’s tea party between 15.00-17.00 in the café Countess Elza’s favourite cakes hot wine soup as the earl liked it hot chocolate tea variations candlelit evening bathing Wellness department ( indoor bubble bath, an oxygen-therapy Jacuzzi, a steam chamber, an infra sauna, a Finnish sauna, a salt cabin, a shower bucket, an ice well, a massage room, an indoor children’s pool, a wellness and pool bar and an indoor wellness movie) bath robe and bathroom supplies board games (chest, poker table) X-Box room  free closed car park free wifi on the whole territory of the castle and its park

The packet is valid: 23-27. 12. 2019




The tenderer’s name:World Transit Ltd. 4644 Mándok, Jókai u. 045/3.

The title of the tender: Forgách Castle Hotel – The development of the Forgách Castle as a hotel

Collaborative organisation: ÉARFÜ – North plain Regional Improving Agency

Value of the contracted aid: 421,211,681 Huf

Measure of the aid: 60%

Time of implementation: 01.01.2013.-30.05.2015.

Tender identifier: ÉAOP-2.1.2-12-2012-0051

The description the content of the project: The tourist utilization of Forgách Castle, creating a Castle hotel. In the hotel ten rooms (for 20 persons) and 5 new items of facilities (accommodation, hostelry, wellness, rent of bikes, organising events) are created.